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Quick story...

When I first started out online I had some success selling ebooks that I wrote.

I usually sold them for $47 to $97.

I made money. Not a lot but I made money.

Then I joined some mlm type programs online and made a couple killings.

Then I started a couple of my own mlm type programs and made a couple more killings.

Then I started a safelist and it was very successful. One of the most successful safelists on the Internet.

But I sold it about a year ago because the back-end script it was built on was no longer supported by the guy who invented it.  I was forced to switch to a different safelist script I didn't like as much.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this?

Because, even though I was making pretty good money I watched as some of my peers made ten times, if not more, money than me because they were doing something I wasn't.

They were focusing on building their list first and foremost.

I mean they were list-building fanatics.

I thought they were crazy, but I was sure proven wrong.

Because, with a list, anytime they had something new to sell they would just send an email to their list and make a bunch of money.

I really wasn't doing that.

But they were the ones on all the leaderboards.

All it took was a few emails to their list and bam, Leaderboard City.

It just didn't click in my head that list building was the primary difference between them and me.


I started building a list without realizing that's what I was doing.

You see, I was building a list through a couple of my membership sites.

And I saw that when I sent an offer to these lists I'd get an amazing response.

So that made me take list-building a lot more seriously.

All in all, the BEST and BIGGEST LISTS I ever built I built through my membership sites.

NOT from promoting lead capture pages or anything like that.

Sending people to my membership sites and having them automatically put into my Aweber autoresponder when they registered for my membership site.

(In the beginning I wasn't even doing that, I emailed members from the back office using the script which is a lousy way to do it).

Membership sites is STILL my NUMBER ONE method of building a list by FAR.

Nothing else even comes close.

The reason membership sites work so well building you a list is because of the perceived value people are going to get by joining.

If you've built your site correctly, it's a no-brainer for people to join.

It's free and there's a ton of value to gain. Who can say no?

And here's one of the BEST FEATURES...

people almost ALWAYS use their BEST EMAIL ADDRESS and contact information when they join a membership site!

That's not something that happens a lot when you're just promoting a lead capture page.

Ever see email addresses like this on your list: xyjzx@wcxhgy.com (fake of course) or joesmith111@yahoo.com (that's Joe's 111th Yahoo email address he NEVER checks).

That almost never happens with your membership site.

So, it hit me...

Everyone I know is struggling to build a profitable list and here I have the key to the BEST, most profitable LIST BUILDING STRATEGY on the planet and I'm not sharing it with anyone.

Here's the problem though...

Creating a membership site that sucks in leads like a dyson vacuum cleaner is not easy.

And if you think using someone else's membership site to build your list (those types of sites do exist) is the answer...think again.

When it's YOUR OWN SITE you get ALL the leads that site generates.

In other words, you'll never have to worry about competition or saturation when it's YOUR site :-)

That's extremely important.

But, unfortunately, to build a successful site like that takes a level of creativity and know-how not very many folks have.

In other words it's not easy. Even for me and I've been building them for years.

It's definitely not a matter of 'build it and they will come'. They may come, but they sure won't stay, let alone register to join as a member.

Here's what you'll need:

     A great theme that instantly attracts your target audience.

     A great design. It doesn't have to be all flashy and cutting edge (which can sometimes be distracting, but it needs to fit the message).

     Great attention grabbing and action-inspiring sales copy (on the main page and in the members area).

     Awesome Content (what you will be offering your members) that will generate repeat visits and log-ins and get them to tell others about your site.

     An autoresponder service to hook up to your site so the leads aren't just in your membership site. This is for email delivery purposes. Membership sites have lousy email delivery.

By the way you can also create an affiliate membership site that acts as a team builder for your network marketing business.

Everyone who joins if they want to use your site joins your network marketing business under the person who referred them to your site.

The same rules apply to this type of site as well though.

Sound like something that might work for you?

If you think you can do something like this I strongly advise you to get started doing it right away!

Or if you would like my help building one for you

...your very own membership site that will build your list on elephant steroids...


Rick Katz
Contact: RickFKatz@gmail.com

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