Big Traffic Cheat-Sheet

Traffic IS the #1 thing you need if you're trying to do business online.  But if you know where to get it then it shouldn't be your number one problem.

On this page we try to provide you with some of the best traffic, both free and paid, so that you can flood your websites with targeted visitors at will.

Facebook Groups
Excellent source of FREE traffic. The groups below are some of the most active groups and are perfect if you're targeting people who are looking to make money online.

The key is to use eye-catching images and post your ads frequently, at least a couple times a day.

Facebook Paid Advertising
Facebook paid ads are not necessarily cheap and they're not necessarily easy to master, but if you want to get highly targeted traffic quickly it can definitely pay to learn how.

Twitter Paid Advertising
Twitter is a lot like Facebook, you can learn how to target the type of customers you're looking for.

You can get traffic fast with solo ads, but the key is learning how to convert that traffic into opt-ins and sales.

Search Engine PPC (Pay Per Click)
Search Engine PPC is another quick way to generate fast targeted traffic, but it takes time to learn and can be very expensive even if you know what you're doing.

Media Ad Buying
This one is tricky. Be sure to spend a lot of time learning how to do this and be prepared to spend and probably lose money experimenting with it.  But, it can be done.

Welcome, get ready to start getting some big traffic to your websites.

Before we jump into this, we want to introduce you to our number one traffic source pick (and awesome money-maker) The Sign-Up Machine.