Old Solo Ads?
We all know they suck.
Now there's a NEW, better way. Keep reading below..

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At one time
solo ads ruled.

Like many other Internet marketers, I pretty much built most of my online businesses using solo ad marketing.

Step 1. Blast a solo, get sign-ups and sales.

Step 2. Rinse and Repeat.

It was a grand old time.

But that was then this is now.

And solo ads are, well, if they're not completely dead, they should be.

They should just be put out of their misery already.

RIP Old Solo Ads

Sure, I know some people still buy 'em.

But, if you're someone who has wasted money on solos over the past few years, you know. 

It's OVER.

Every solo list is filled with what I call RE-HASHED subscribers. Subscribers obtained from OTHER solo ad lists only. Almost ZERO buyers on any of them.

And it's a bummer, right?

It's a bummer because, the problem is, I LOVE email advertising and I know YOU do too.

Come on, being able to just send out an email and get targeted traffic to my website is BLISS. 

So, anyway, I got determined. (Yes, that was the smoke from my rusty brain gears spinning you got a whiff of :-)

For months and months I twisted and turned every possible conceivable angle to try to come up with a new and better solo ad.

After awhile, I started to think it was impossible. I'm not gonna lie.

Because this wouldn't work because of 'A' and that wouldn't work because of 'B' and if you got A and B right then C didn't work and so on and so on.

But, as Marie Forleo's mother says, "Everything is figureoutable."


Down and down into that rabbit hole I went.

Until...finally. The light went on.

I actually got it. I figured out a way to make it work.  A+B+C finally equaled:

New Solo Ad Opportunity.

A new way to once again offer marketers who love email marketing as much as I do high quality solo ads.

What's high qualilty, you ask? 

Well, when I tell you what these solo ads consist of you're going to start dreaming again.

You're going to 
start dreaming of
making big money online again.

That's how good these solos are.

You'll start dreaming again when your subscriber list starts filling up with people who are actually interested.

People interested in making money online (or making more money online).

People who are actually open to new opportunites.

People who actually have money to spend.

Remember those kinds of subscribers?

If you don't, let me tell you it's a wonderful thing.

There is one..small..caveat, though.

You can probably guess what it is.

To avoid over-saturation I can only share this with a small group of marketers.

If you want to be in that small group, just drop your info in below. Details will be sent to you.

And get ready to start dreaming again..