The "ground rules" regarding the Done For You
Traffic and Marketing System

The Done-For-You Traffic & Marketing System is designed to get you a big head start on making money online through our income generator Neucopia.

It is designed to get you easily and quickly qualified in Neucopia. However, after you're qualified it isn't my intention to leave you high and dry :)

At the same time, it is unreasonable to think that someone can give you the high caliber promotion we're giving without fair financial interest.

So, please read the ground rules below to better understand how this works and how it can work for YOU to rapidly speed up your success.

You can stay in our traffic network for free (you only pay your Neucopia membership) for as long as it takes to get your first 2 qualifying sales. If you join at Premier you can stay in until you are qualified at Premier. If you join as Basic, you can stay in for free until you are qualified at Basic.

You must have been sponsored by someone who is NOT yet qualified in order to get free access to the system.

If you join Neucopia under someone who is already qualified either you or your sponsor will have to pay for you to be in the traffic network:

Once you are qualified (have your first 2 qualifying sales either through our system or through your own marketing efforts or a combination of the two) you have several choices:

A) You can pay to stay in the traffic network (see link above).

B) You can also pay for any of your personally sponsored sign-ups from your 3rd sale on. Contact me about how to do this.

C) People you sponsor from your 3rd sale on can pay directly through the link above to be added. Just give them that link and have them send me their username and your name as their sponsor.

D) I can make you your own version of the system that you can run yourself. You will need to add your team to your own rotator (I can give you access to a rotator for free, just join and send me your user name). You will also, of course, need to generate the traffic yourself for your system. I will be happy to help you and advise you on that.

VERY IMPORTANT: Regarding your own promoting

You do not have permission to copy any of our marketing materials including: Web pages (graphics, text, my video, etc.), follow-up emails, etc. WITHOUT my (Rick Katz') pre-approval.  There are reasons for this. The main reason is doing so can quickly jeopardize the system for everyone.

If you want to promote our system yourself please CONTACT ME FIRST.

If you have any questions regarding any of these rules just let me know.

Thanks very much for joining Neucopia and our system. I'm sincerely looking forward to your success!

Rick Katz
Skype: rkat55
mobile: 310-966-7524