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Neucopia: Powerful, Hybrid Business Model
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This new business model combines the lucrative simplicity of online Affiliate Marketing with the residual income earning power of MLM Network Marketing.

Neucopia is simply one of the best-run companies online bar none. They have been paying commissions weekly (every Wednesday) since they opened their doors June 2012. They have never missed a payday or even been late.

Futhermore, there are no merchant fees or other fees that come out of your commission.

Neucopia pays you 100% of the commission due to you via direct deposit (if you live within the U.S.) or via Payoneer Debit Card if you live outside the U.S.A.

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Step 1. Upgrade to a Basic or Premier Level Membership in Neucopia.

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Step 2. Send Rick Katz, our Team Leader, your name, phone number (optional) and  Neucopia Username.

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You will be added to our Global Advertising Network at no additional cost and you should start getting leads to your Neucopia lead capture page within 24 hours.

You will receive a reply from Rick within 24 hours letting you know you've been added to our advertising network. If you do NOT get a reply, send him another email just to make sure he gets it. Or, you can also contact him on Skype: rkat55   or mobile phone:  310-966-7524

Once you are qualified in Neucopia (get your first 2 pass-up sales) you will have the option of continuing in our Advertising Network for as little as 25 dollars per month!

This is incredibly affordable advertising for results you are going to receive! But, don't forget,
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Also, continuing in the group ad campaigns is not required.  If you prefer to promote for yourself you are welcome to. Rick will help you get set up with a lead capture page of your own at any time.

You're all set! If you have any questions please contact Rick:

Best success to you!

Done-For-You Traffic & Marketing System

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